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FEATURED WINE RETAILER:  Khoury’s Fine Wine & Spirits

      Issa and his wife Nura own and operate Khoury’s Fine Wine & Spirits, located at 9915 S. Eastern Avenue, Henderson (702)435-9463.

   While Khoury’s has a wide selection of all alcoholic beverages, the store definitely emphasizes the sale of wine, with more than 80 percent of the shelving dedicated to stocking a wide assortment of wines from all the major wine growing areas of the world.  They provide a varied array of wine choices from all the best known California regions, such as the Napa and Sonoma valleys, and central coast wines.  Khoury’s features many French, Italian and Australian offerings as well.

    Typically, Khoury’s will carry wines from all price ranges from each different region.  For example, I recently purchased a bourgeois Bordeaux wine from the 2005 vintage for only $20.00.  They carry many Italian and Australian bottles in the $18-$25.00 price range.   For that occasional big splurge purchase, the walk wine locker features some truly classic wines.  

    Issa has good connections in the wine world, and can acquire almost any specific bottle not currently for sale in the store.  For example, good friends of mine recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, and wanted a bottle from the 1985 for that special occasion.  Issa special ordered a bottle of California Cabernet Sauvignon and had it in the store within 24 hours.  The couple loved the selection. 

Winemakers often show up at Khoury’s Thursday wine tasting events;  here Issa, on left, and Tobin James at far right...

    To better inform the buyer, Khoury’s often labels the wines with relevant ratings form either Robert Parker or the Wine Spectator.  Issa has an excellent grasp of wine knowledge and always has the time to answer questions about a particular bottle.  Moreover, if he does not have the answer off the top of his head, he can refer to the Robert Parker or Wine Spectator websites to help obtain immediate answers to your questions.  This service can prove quite helpful when trying to select a nice bottle for a special event or gift.

    issa says that as far as domestic wines, he enjoys carrying some of the smaller boutique vintners’ wines.  For example, Khoury’s offers wines by L’Aventure, Linne Collodo, Surh Luchtel and Harmony.  Critics consider all these wines as “up and coming” selections, but they can prove difficult to find.  In this regard, Issa seems well connected to the web of wine distributors, because his stores always seem to have some quite difficult to find bottles for sale.

    Khoury’s shelves its wine in easy to read row bins the middle of the store, and attractively shelved in wooden racks along the walls.  The store has a large cooled walk-in locker containing the finer wines.  The locker provides a good opportunity for a customer to add a bottle or two of rare wine to any collection.  Any visitor should look in the locker while shopping at Khoury’s, if just see how nicely displayed wine can help the look of any room…

   Khoury’s also promotes a weekly free wine tasting event.  Tastings take place on Thursdays between 6:00-8:00 p.m. The tastings provide a good opportunity to taste new wines, socialize with others and gain some wine knowledge, all at the same time.  The local wine distributor or the actual winemaker always attends these affairs to answer any questions about any wine available for tasting that evening.   Khoury’s usually discounts the prices of any wines tasted at these events.  Often, the winemakers who show up at these events are quite well known, such as Tobin James from the popular winery of the same name.  The Thursday night tasting has become quite a social event for the wine lovers of Henderson, with some bringing their own bottles from private collections to enhance the event.

    The stores staff works hard to provide good service, and generally seem quite informed about wine.  Alex and Katie are respected veteran employees at Khoury’s.

    Khoury’s will also occasionally stage special events, such as the Zinfandel wine tasting, which takes place each fall.  More than 25 producers attended with their wines.  The event also included live entertainment and a barbeque.  Vegas Wine News will continue to post all such wine related events on the Wine Happenings” page of this site.  Members of Vegas Wine News receive special pricing and discounts at Khoury’s.  Check the Membership Page of this site for a specific description of those benefits.

    All things considered Khoury’s provides a wide selection of wines at fair prices, along with a knowledgeable staff, making it a great place to shop for all your wine needs, be it the weekend cook out or the connoisseur’s  collection….